2b2t started in 2010 as a regular survival server shortly after Mojang released multiplayer and its server software. Initially the server was primarily hosted for just a few friends to explore minecraft. A few months later it was decided to make the server public, inviting players to do whatever they wished to the world to allow for destruction before it would shut down. Shortly after, a tiny community was formed and it was decided that the server would remain online as long as there remained player interest. Since then, the server has been on the same world. The exact date of when the world was created has been lost to time, it is estimated to be late 2010 with some players speculating early 2011.

In 2016 and onwards the server gained massive attention through YouTube and established a larger playerbase. Before this the server was close to shutting down, however since then hundreds of players have joined the server every day, and the server is now expected to remain indefinitely thanks to player interest and support.

2b2t is hosted and developed by a small team. The founder and owner is Housemaster, also known as Hausemaster.
You can send us an email at [email protected]

For purchase and shop questions please visit shop.2b2t.org and read the support page.