The server hosts the survival gamemode as provided by Mojang, an open ended sandbox where you can do whatever you want, in which there are no inherent rules, combined with enabled PvP. This enables a chaotic and harsh world where players can fight and destroy whoever and whatever they wish if they choose.
However, it does not in any way invite or incite players to be toxic or harassing beyond the game.

You must follow the Mojang and Microsoft EULA that you have agreed to when creating your account.

Do not attempt to undermine the server's efforts to provide every player an equal and fair playing environment, through means such as abusing any exploit, bug or flawed game mechanic to cause server disruption or lag.

Chat and community guidelines:
Do not flood the chat with repeated messages and spam.
Do not automate any messages into chat.
Do not engage in or participate in any personal or real-life harassment, threats or bullying whatsoever, either in-game or external community. Remember that it's a block game.

You may have your chat privileges temporarily disabled.
You may have your ability to connect to the server temporarily prevented, in the case of diminishing any exploits or bugs abused, while we patch the issue.