This page is for tracking any current issues, bugs or limitations on the server with the current version of 1.20.

To report anything that you think is a bug or an issue in the server, please send an email to [email protected] or alternatively create a submission on the 2b2t subreddit. When reporting a bug or an issue, please be as detailed as possible.

Before reporting a bug or issue, please test that you are able to reproduce it with the unmodified version 1.20 installation of the game, to rule out that any modifications you may have installed are the cause.

The list is updated as issues are confirmed or fixed.

  • Some players may not see their advancements screen correctly

  • Boats sink immediately when entered on water

  • Old 1.12 structures, such as guardian temples are not correctly working
    Confirmed - working on a fix to restore all old structure data eventually

  • Buried treasure maps not working