This page is for tracking any current issues, bugs or limitations on the server with the current version of 1.19.

To report anything that you think is a bug or an issue in the server, please send an email to [email protected] or alternatively create a submission on the 2b2t subreddit, or create a post in the issues thread. When reporting a bug or an issue, please be as detailed as possible.

Before reporting a bug or issue, please test that you are able to reproduce it with the unmodified version 1.19 or 1.20 installation of the game, to rule out that any modifications you may have installed are the cause.

The list is updated as issues are confirmed or fixed.

  • "Expired profile public key" disconnection error
    Fixed 01-09-2023

  • Old 1.12 structures, such as guardian temples are not correctly working
    Confirmed - working on a fix to restore all old structure data eventually

  • Incorrect Golden Apple effects MC-264656
    Fixed 22-08-2023

  • Not possible to use boats, as they immediately eject the player
    Confirmed - use version 1.19.4 of the game for now, when using boats

  • Infinite amount of endermen appear to spawn in the end dimension MC-191725
    Fixed 21-08-2023

  • Smithing tables cause a disconnect from the server when used
    Confirmed - use version 1.19.4 of the game for now, when using smithing tables

  • Blocks can not be mined at nether ceiling
    Fixed 18-08-2023

  • Armor stands floating instead of falling
    Fixed 18-08-2023

  • Low ghast spawn rates
    Increased 18-08-2023

  • Buried treasure maps not working

  • Monsters do not despawn sometimes, which slows down or disables monster farms
    Adjusted 16-08-2023

  • Ender pearls in some conditions do not save correctly when thrown far away
    Fixed 15-08-2023

  • Horses not displaying their health when mounted
    Fixed 15-08-2023