Why donations? I don't want to run 2b2t anymore. I am tired of it and it is boring to me and I don't want to spend any more hours fixing it when needed, I would rather just shut it down forever and move on.

It will work like this: as long as donations each month are reached, it will show me that you want to continue playing on 2b2t and I will continue to host it and fix stuff when needed.

But as soon as a month goes unpaid, I shut it down and release the world. Also I might host a version of 2b2t that I would enjoy running and pay for myself.

It will cost a total of $90 each month to have the server continue running and me fixing it when needed.

No bullshit included in donations needed, exact prices and information written out in the 'info' tab. I do not intend to gain profit out of this.

It is possible to be 'rewarded' for donations! Check the 'info' tab more more information.
august: $88 / $90
2builders2tools (2b2t.org)
2builders2tools is a minecraft server that promises its players vanilla survival gameplay with PvP, a neverending world and no rules. The IP is 2b2t.org. It has been on the same world since december 2010. The world is 787 GB with 58,891 players saved (Last updated 26th may 2014).
News - 26th may 2014
Server has been running pretty well since the fix, there are still generic lag issues though that come with the no rules vanilla gameplay, where people are for example able to make giant lava mountains and mob farms. These are being looked into to be optimised in a way that shouldn't nerf them too much.
Server listings
Here are the various server lists and places the server has been put up on, to help you bring players in. If you have a suggestion, check the contact tab.
4chan - make a thread anywhere / Facepunch / Minecraftforum Server List / Planet Minecraft / leddit
Other various server lists: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12
Some of these don't work, and that's because they're shit.
Mumble is a free voice chatting program which is very easy to use and has very good voice quality. The ip is 2b2t.org with default port 64738. The server is set up with a channel which allows custom public and private rooms to be created, and the server can be used for anything. Download Mumble here.
Website last updated 26th may 2014.
Donation rewards
There are currently four things possible to buy:

A permanent server browser message which is cycled together with many others. You can see it demonstrated by adding the server to your server list and pressing refresh a few times.
This costs $1, and will stay forever. The only rule is no ads and links, other than that your message can contain anything.

The other thing that is possible to buy is a temporary server browser message(s) and MOTD for $2. The server browser message(s) will OVERRIDE the cycled ones, and always stay visible during their duration.
The messages in-game will be displayed upon logon in shiny yellow at the top of the chat. The only rule for the motd is that it can't be longer than 5 chat lines. If you break this rule, I will tell you by replying to your mail.
For $2, a message will be displayed for 48 hours, for $4 it will be 96 hours and so on, unless requested to be split up.

The third thing possible to buy is a custom 64x64 .png image that is displayed in the server browser. You can see it the same way you see the rotating server browser messages. This custom image costs $2 per 24 hours, and the rules for it are no gore/porn/cp.

To buy any of these, donate the amount required for what you want to buy to 2b2t.net@gmail.com through paypal (linked to the left) and after donating send a message to 2b2t.net@gmail.com containing your mail used for paypal, and your messages and/or picture.

You can use this format to make it easier:
Mail used for paypal:
Server browser message(s):
Message of the day:

When buying $2 temporary messages, it is possible to have several rotated server browser messages as well, just request so when sending the mail.
I suggest that when purchasing any of these things that you limit yourself to not more than 5 days, this is so that everyone can have a chance at their messages and pictures displayed!

Last thing you can buy (experimental, but don't worry your money won't be wasted):
Activate or extend the word changer for 48 hours, 2$. Add a word to be changed into something, 1$ per word. Add a sentence ending, 1$ per line.

Examples: Nothing going on: "hello, i love everyone!". Someone buys "damn" as a sentence ending, now it has a chance to appear after everyones sentences, like: "hello, i love everyone! damn".
Or someone buys the word hello to be changeded into bye, then it has a chance to become: "bye, i love everyone! damn".
Limits and rules: Two words per one word to be changed, as in you can not make hello be changed into "this many words" but only "this many". You can't purchase single letters or articles (The, And, An etc). You can't make it spam, for example turning "hello" into "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" or similar. For sentence finishes, just don't make them too long or they will disappear due to chatbox limit.

When purchasing, do just like above with motds and messages, donate the amount required then send "2b2t.net@gmail.com" a mail containing your words and other.
The words you purchase are added into a global list that is always used when the word changer is enabled. One word can be changed into multiple different words at the same time, so if you and two others purchase "hello" to be changed into three different things, they all have a chance to happen. If something isn't clear or you're not understanding, just contact me! Click the contact tab above.
Server costs
If you somehow find a better alternative, do not hesitate to tell me. Although I think I've managed to find the cheapest way of hosting this, and still have great hardware and network.

The minecraft server computer costs $89 a month. The hardware is an E3-1245v2 cpu, 32 gb ecc ram and 2x2tb hdds in raid 0. The extra dollar goes towards yearly domain cost. That's $90.
The server is maintained by Housemaster and paid for by its community and players. I host and run the servers for enjoyment, with no intent of getting profits out of it.
Feel free to contact me directly for any questions or reasons! All suggestions are appreciated!
Skype: housemasterr
E-mail: 2b2t.net@gmail.com
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/house_master
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2builders2tools
Fan stuff

http://minecraft2b2t.thecomicseries.com An on-going comic about a persons journey on the server.

http://www.renwerks.com/?comic=minecraft-2b2t-odyssey-page-001 Another one by the same author as above.
Want something listed here? Contact me in one of the ways listed above!

This webzone is outdated. Possibility of a new one being made, although this one will not get updated anymore besides text changing.