Update on the 1.19 situation - An Apology and Explanation

Hello, this is the founder, owner of 2b2t, Housemaster, or Hausemaster if you wish.
In this post, I will be attempting to explain the decisions made and the changes that I have inflicted upon 2b2t with the 1.19 update. The decisions were mine alone.

Though they are understandably disliked and disagreed with by a large part of the community, you should know why I have made these decisions, and the reasoning behind them, as I made them with good intentions.

Soft item economy reset
My thought behind this was to slow down the initial rush of player progression into 1.19, to allow for a different meta, and to make items somewhat valuable again even if for a short period.

The decision was made with the thought that the remaining massive amounts of items would be back into players' hands quickly, as well as inevitable duplication exploits occurring things would be back to normal within a month or two.

I understand that this was very upsetting to many players. It was only ever done for the first time since the server's launch, and I will never perform such a global item reset again.

After two weeks into the update and some reflection, I admit that this decision was not in alignment with 2b2t's anarchy spirit nor my own vision of how I thought I would operate the server in the past.

Duplication clarification
This was a mistake I regret including in the update post - this is not an attempt to completely prevent dupes, and duplicated items are not removed (after a dupe is patched).

While we always patch dupes as discovered, players are allowed to duplicate since the beginning of the server and keep these duplicated items.
Duplications are more or less a part of 2b2t.

Chat, Rules and Anarchy
The truth is that the server has always had a few rules, and it is necessary to enforce certain in-game restrictions for the server to operate properly in conditions most players would enjoy.

For example, we request that players do not attempt to lag the server, or otherwise cause disruptions for players that most of them would not enjoy.

The other rule is that, you are not to be involved in any sort of egregious harassment, bullying or threats, in-game or reaching outside of it, towards any player. That is not what the server is about and there is zero tolerance for this.

I still consider the server as anarchy, but this is a game and there are limits. We try to only intervene where necessary for the server to function and remain online.

Chunk culling
This was another difficult decision. I do understand that elytra flight trails would become nonexistent and that certain players who enjoyed trail hunting would be upset.

But I believe the positives outweigh the negatives. The reason is that there is simply such an extreme amount of these unmodified chunks generated with cheats or exploits, particularly on the server's long period on version 1.12.
The world size had more than tripled because of this and it was becoming a challenge to maintain it.

It is in my opinion, that if these chunks generate as new, more interesting terrain instead, within this already massive world size, it would be more fun and interesting instead of adding onto its size.

I also believe that the mixed generation of new terrain, with established old terrain increasing towards spawn in all dimensions, would be more fun for new and old players.

It felt that, updating to 1.19 and later, would take away so much from the experience and achievement, with so much of the world remaining as unmodified 1.12 terrain.

There are measures put in place to protect any chunk that has been significantly modified by a player to preserve any possible history while also creating an interesting path forward as the server stays up to date with newer Minecraft versions. There is a full backup of the 1.12 world made before this update, to always have the possibility of retrieval of old chunks for any reason necessary.

World hidden seed and custom vanilla generator
My thought is that I do believe it will be more fun for players to find terrain unexpectedly as was intended and within the server itself.

I also hope that it will make it possible to share screenshots and videos of bases, but the community needs to investigate this further.

Other chat stuff
Green text was removed as I no longer wanted this on the server, as it was mostly misused for spam into chat.

Death messages change
As it's experimental, it may revert. What I wanted to test here was, as with the very high player count, the death messages quickly become spammed and meaningless.
When they are displayed only for players that die within your render distance, they are more meaningful when you are playing with others or participating in PvP.

The test of anti-xray has been reverted.

I am truly sorry for the players who feel betrayed or disappointed, and for those who have lost a certain trust they had established.

I apologize and may only ask for your forgiveness going forward, and hope that if you still play on the server you have a good time, and that I may hopefully regain your trust.

If you feel like anything here was missed and should be brought up, or to provide other feedback, you can contact me at [email protected]

— Housemaster / Hausemaster