Server Rollback

Hello, Housemaster here.

After much consideration, due to player feedback for certain changes implemented with the 1.19 update made 14th august, the server will be performing a rollback to the 1.12 version of the map, and perform the update once more onto 1.19 without the changes.

This is a significant rollback that I wouldn't like to ever happen due to the amount of player progression lost. I am hoping that the 1.19 update and removed changes will make this once in a lifetime rollback acceptable.

If you are dissatisfied with the current situation and decision, please read what's possible at the bottom of this page.

What will happen now:

The server will be online on a temporary world, while the rollback to 1.12 occurs. At this time it's unknown how long it may take, possibly up to 24 hours.

The server will perform a second update onto 1.19, from the august 14th 1.12 world copy.

It will be done so with the following changes removed:

Chunk culling

Soft item economy reset

The world will be using the same seed, which will let you travel back to terrain you've previously found (unless this terrain was affected by the chunk culling).

If you have played for these past 10 days, and you are disappointed with this rollback, you may receive a refund if you have purchased priority status. Please follow the instructions provided at to submit your request.